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Nick meeting with Sheriff Mike Ashe and White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Michael Botticelli

NIck meets with RIchard Kelly, Chief Inspector, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force

Cocchi and Massachusetts Sheriff's in Washington meeting with FBI, DOJ, ATF and U.S. Drug Czar Botticelli.

Cocchi and Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, Jr. discuss Hampden County issues, challenges and successes with nation's leaders in Criminal Justice.

(Hampden, County, MA) Nick Cocchi, Assistant Superintendent of the Hampden County Sheriff's Department (HCSD) is in Washington D.C. today with the Massachusetts Sheriff's Association continuing several significant meetings and presentations that began yesterday with, among others; The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Department of Justice, members of Congress and a noon-time meeting with the nation’s Drug Czar. The high-level meetings began yesterday.

Cocchi and Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, Jr. met yesterday with Congressman Richard Neal and other members of the Massachusetts delegation. Discussions with Federal law enforcement have included the opioid crisis, specifically the impact and toll of Heroin on the state and Hampden County, as well as future challenges that the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department will face soon and in the future.

“The horror of heroin, the opioid crisis and how the programs in place at the HCSD have been ahead-of-the-curve in both cure and prevention have been of great interest to the national law enforcement leaders we are meeting with. Thanks to media news coverage, the public is more acutely aware than ever before of the toll being paid by families who are victims. I’m proud of the work that the men and women I work with have done. The nation’s top law enforcement leaders recognize that work and success, and look at us as a role model for programs nation-wide,” said Cocchi.

“We need to stay ahead of the curve though. We cannot rest in this battle. A new challenge for the HCSD will be the reality of Hepatitis-C. The Federal government will mandate that our Department pay to cure inmates infected and carrying Hep-C. We need to do this to protect the people of Hampden County from the spread of this disease. However, the cost for treatment is $90,000 per patient. This burden cannot not be borne by our County taxpayers and it presents an incredible challenge to the HCSD budget. We are discussing this now and I will be releasing more information on our battle-plan to confront this daunting new challenge,” said Cocchi.

“The next Sheriff of Hampden County must have sound plans in place to deal with these issues that we are addressing now, not just rhetoric that sounds good. We are affecting and impacting real people’s lives every day with our work. This is not a political game of chess,” said Cocchi.