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(Hampden County, MA) Nick Cocchi, Assistant Superintendent of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department and Democratic Nominee for Sheriff of Hampden County, has received today the endorsement of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local 63.

The Sheet Metal Workers Local 63 is proud to endorse Nick Cocchi for Sheriff.  Mr. Cocchi is committed to fight to protect families of Union workers across the county. Our local is honored to be endorsing such a strong and dedicated candidate for our working families," said Local 63 Business Manager John Scammon.  "He can continue fighting for public protection but he needs to be elected as Sheriff of Hampden County," he added.

 “I am honored to have the support of this important force and voice in organized labor," said Nick Cocchi. "This union of incredibly skilled men and women is responsible for some of the greatest advancements in workers rights. I am proud to stand with them and work to continue to do all I can to keep working families accoss our county safe," added Cocchi.