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Nick Cocchi, candidate for Sheriff of Hampden County has received the endorsement of a major national union that includes a spectrum of public service employees ranging from federal, state, county and municipal workers, including police officers, nurses, correctional officers, security guards, and hospital staff to nursing home care professionals. The International Brotherhood of Correctional Officers (IBCO) is also represented in this union. Cocchi was a member of IBCO.


The National Association of Government Employees, International Brotherhood of Police Officers and Service Employees International Union, Local 5000 has endorsed Nick Cocchi’s bid to serve as the County’s next Sheriff. NAGE is an organization of members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide.


“We are proud to announce that NAGE/IBPO/SEIU, Local 5000 has endorsed your campaign for Sheriff of Hampden County. NAGE represents over 22,000 employees in Massachusetts and we are proud to stand with you,” wrote NAGE National President, David Holway.


“I think it underscores the importance of the office, the position of Sheriff of Hampden County and what we accomplish at The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, that a national organization of NAGE/IBPO/SEIU’s importance and large and diverse membership has decided to make an endorsement in this race. I am very proud to have earned their endorsement. The Massachusetts Police Association unanimous endorsement we received earlier in the campaign also makes clear that the union representing police officers across our state knows the importance of this Sheriff’s Department,” said Cocchi.


“When I read the official letter informing us of the union’s decision, I was humbled. I know so many of the people in Hampden County who are represented by them, first responders from police to paramedics and nurses. That they have placed their faith in me to serve as our next Sheriff is a trust I will never take for granted,” said Cocchi.


“Certainly to have the backing of The International Brotherhood of Police Officers, the nation-wide union that includes the Springfield Police Department Union and others is something that I am proud of,” said Cocchi.


“The hard working men and women represented by the SEIU touch my heart with their confidence in my candidacy. I know so many of these people. They have shared with me their fears about drugs, gangs, violence and the opioid crisis that affects their families. I’ve worked with so many of them who are on the front lines fighting those challenges with us,” said Cocchi.


“These hard working people make up a large part of the work force that keeps our economy rolling in Hampden County. These are the real people who know what it is to work long hours, at critical jobs serving others, too often without thanks. They are our nurses, professional security guards, hospital staffers and nursing home care professionals and others. I am humbled and grateful that they want me to serve them as their next Sheriff,” said Cocchi.


“These people know what it is to work hard, to work the late shift. I’ve worked the midnight to morning shift at the jail and I identify with them. I will continue to keep burning the midnight oil working for them and the people of Hampden County, as I do now as Assistant Superintendent of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, if I am fortunate to serve as our next Sheriff,” said Cocchi.