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Cocchi Earns Massachusetts Police Association Endorsement. State-wide Organization Represents 20,000 Police Officers. 

Nick Cocchi has earned the coveted and important Massachusetts Police Association endorsement for Sheriff of Hampden County. In a unanimous vote, the organization decided to endorse Cocchi based on his being the person most able and qualified to be Hampden County’s next Sheriff.


“On behalf of the 20,000 members of the Massachusetts Police Officers Association, it is my honor and privilege to announce the endorsement of your candidacy for the office of Sheriff of Hampden County. Your 22 years of vast experience and your willingness to partner with local law enforcement agencies show your genuine commitment to the safety of the citizen’s of Hampden County,” wrote Executive Board member, Alissa Burke, also a West Springfield Police Officer. 


“This endorsement is so significant for us. Even more than the strong endorsement of my candidacy for Sheriff, it is a recognition of my 22-years as a corrections professional and also of the work I’ve done with the men and women of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. When I interviewed for this endorsement, it was clear that the members of the Association knew very well the work that we do and that we need to continue to do – working hand-in-hand with police departments throughout Hampden County and across the state,” said Cocchi.


“That my personal efforts and our Department’s dedication in working with all Hampden County police departments was included as a reason for this endorsement, also has personal meaning for me. I’m proud of my hard work with the Ludlow Police Department, with Sgt. Louis Tulik(Sunday Republican, 5/14/16; On stage with Sgt. Tulik) there, to establish the lock-up we have at the jail now for the Ludlow Police Department. That work, years ago, was the basis for my announcement and commitment to a regional lock-up for any Hampden County Police Department that wants to partner with us. When I announced almost two years ago my plan for an expanded regional lock-up if I am elected Sheriff, I was grateful for the positive response we received from Police Chiefs, like East Longmeadow’s former Chief, Doug Mellis, who is an executive member of the Massachusetts Police Association,” said Cocchi.


“The Massachusetts Police Association represents police departments state-wide. On their Executive Board are members representing the Springfield, West Springfield, Holyoke and East Longmeadow Police DepartmentsThe Massachusetts State Police are represented on the Executive Board, and other Hampden County police officers are among the organization’s membership. I am overwhelmed to have the support of 20,000 police officers across the County and Massachusetts,” said Cocchi.


“Along with your innovation and dedication to continue the excellent reputation that The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department has built under the current, nationally recognized Sheriff, Michael J. Ashe, Jr., we anticipate that the relationship under your direction will continue to strengthen and grow within your administration,” wrote Burke.