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Cocchi Endorsed by Supervisors Union of The Ludlow Police Department.


Cocchi Continues to Earn Law Enforcement Support From All Over Hampden County.


Sites one reason for endorsement as the base of his public support of a “Regional Lock-Up” for County’s Cities and Towns.


(Hampden County, MA) Nick Cocchi, candidate for Sheriff of Hampden County, can add The Supervisors Union of The Ludlow Police Department to his list of law enforcement and public safety endorsements. For Cocchi, this endorsement is especially meaningful, given that Ludlow is his and his family’s home town, and that he has a professional history of working with the Ludlow Police Department.


A letter from the Ludlow Supervisors Union stated: “Upon a meeting of the Supervisors Union of the Ludlow Police Department (International Brotherhood of Police Officers), Local 487, a vote was taken to endorse you for the office of Sheriff of Hampden County, Massachusetts.


It was noted by our supervisors that among your many cooperative efforts to support us, you were instrumental in arranging for the agreement to accept prisoners from our department into your facility (The Hampden County Correctional Facility). This agreement has allowed us to focus more resources on patrol, and less on the demands that come with monitoring of prisoners for long periods of time. It was your efforts that made this agreement possible and we are truly grateful,” wrote Union President, Sergeant Louis Tulik.


“Having the support of the Ludlow Police Supervisors, the men and women entrusted with the public safety of my hometown, is extremely meaningful for me. When I was a kid growing up, the Ludlow Police were role models for me,” said Cocchi.


“That this endorsement is based partly on my work with the Ludlow Police Department, to establish the agreement that allows the Ludlow Police to entrust The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department (HCSD) with individuals taken into custody for safe supervision, is important to me. We are proud of this agreement. It goes beyond our Host Community Agreement with Ludlow. It allows Ludlow Police Officers to be back on our streets keeping them safe, and not having to be in the Police Department facility monitoring prisoners,” said Cocchi.


“Sergeant Louis Tulik deserves great credit for his efforts on this agreement for the Police Department and the people of Ludlow. When the jail moved to Ludlow, we saw the opportunity for our resources to extend beyond the special Host Community Agreement between the new jail and our town. He helped us save Ludlow tax-payer’s money, and make our streets safer,” said Cocchi.


“At a recent public meeting with Police Chiefs and Supervisors from around Hampden County, I discussed our agreement with the Ludlow Police as the basis for my idea for a Hampden County Regional Lock-Up System, staffed and administered by The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. We can expand on our working relationship with Ludlow to help every Police Department that wants this assistance, from East Longmeadow to Westfield, and most especially, the smaller Hill-Towns, like Tolland. This allows more local police to be on the streets, everywhere in Hampden County, working together to face serious challenges like drug related crime that knows no municipal borders. I have been discussing my concept of an expanded Regional Lock-Up with local police chiefs, other municipal leaders and legislators and will have more to announce about this soon,” said Cocchi.


“Along with your dedication to continue the excellent reputation that the Hampden County Sheriff’s department has built under Sheriff Michael Ashe, we anticipate that the relationship under your direction will continue to strengthen. Members of the Ludlow Police Supervisors Union 487 are proud to support you and wish you luck in your campaign,” wrote Sergeant Louis Tulik.