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TO:        Mr. Nicholas Cocchi, Candidate for High Sheriff,

              Hampden County, Massachusetts

FROM:   Captain John M. Hale, Chairman

               Hampden County Superior Corrections Officers Association (HCSCOA)

               Executive Board (“E” Board) Hampden County Sheriff’s Department

               Uniformed Supervisor’s, 627 Randall Road

               Ludlow, Massachusetts 01056

SUBJ:    Campaign Endorsement for High Sheriff

               Hampden County, Massachusetts

DATE:     June 11, 2014

Dear Campaign Committee for Mr. Cocchi as Sheriff;

On behalf of the “E “ Board and the members of the HCSCOA (Uniformed Supervisor’s), we have a plurality agreement to endorse Mr. Nicholas (Nick) Cocchi for the office of High Sheriff of Hampden County, Massachusetts.

Nick has proven his effectiveness as a correctional officer and staff member of the Sheriff’s Department over the last twenty-one (21) years. First he brings excellent credentials to the Sheriff’s position, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Government from Western New England University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Elms College.

Nick started as a Correctional Officer in our Summer Hire program during his second year of college and he worked full-time as a correctional officer from 1993 until 1996. During that period, Nick worked in the Housing Pods, Segregation Units, Medical Department and kitchen security patrols and the T-Area.

In 1996, he was promoted to the rank of Training Corporal on the midnight shift.

Nick diligently worked on the midnight shift from 1996 until his promotion to Sergeant in 1998. As a newly promoted sergeant and uniformed supervisor (HSCCOA member), Nick worked and eventually took charge as a Special Operations Commander before being promoted into the training department where he made the rank of Lieutenant and Academy Commandant tasked with training all new Hampden County Officer Staff.

In 2004, Nick was promoted Assistant Deputy Superintendent of the Training Department and assumed responsibility for training all 896 staff members of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. In 2008, Nick Cocchi was promoted to  Assistant Superintendent of Special Housing and in 2010 he was promoted to Deputy Chief of Security for the entire facility of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Facility which includes: The Western Massachusetts Alcohol Control Center, The Pre-Release Center, The After Incarceration Care Center and The Day Reporting Center. 

Beyond a doubt, barring our current Sheriff and the man responsible for the excellent reputation of the Hampden County Jail and House of Corrections; Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, Jr., Nick Cocchi is the most qualified person that could possibly run for Sheriff of Hampden County. Simply stated; Nick has already proven to be one of us, because he has grown up with us here in the facility